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  • Our Favorite Habanero and Jalapeño Sauces 2-Pack


    We’ve chosen our favorite favorite hot and medium sauces and bundled them together for one incredible price! Whether you need to keep your kitchen pantry fully stocked or need the perfect gift idea, Volcano Johnny’s has you covered! This delicious two pack features our La Otra Rubia and Green 7 sauces.

    • La Otra Rubia (Habanero): We heard the whispering, “This is hot! But, could this be hotter?” The challenge was laid and the Bodega Boys delivered on Hot Summer Blonde’s “sister” sauce: La Otra Rubia(the other blonde). It may surprise you how much heat is in this bottle… and it tastes great too – muy bueno. Add this to your favorite beans and the beans will stand at attention.
    • Green Seven (Jalapeño): Our Green Seven hot sauce is more than a magic number. Craig’s Grande green jalapeno peppers are hand-picked at their ripe fullness, then slow-roasted over charcoal to release a warm and sweet flavor. Don’t be fooled, the green jalapeno is often jilted as not spicy enough, but your taco will “thank you” for the flavor of this mighty sauce.